Application process:

We consider only those applicants who have desire to follow Jesus and are ready to make sacrifices in altering their schedules and priorities to make personal and financial commitment to nine months of dedicated training, equipping, and ministry.   


1. Application  

Application fee is $15 per person. It is nonrefundable and non­transferrable. After applying you will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule a live or Skype qualification conversation.


2. References

We ask for references from two people who are not your family, the best is someone who knows you well: your church leader and a friend that is not family.  


3. Payment options

College special till August 31, 2017:


Pay full payment fee:

$900 for one adult (10% sale until July 31)

$1,800 for married couple (10% sale until July 31)

$2,700 for three adults involved in the same ministry (parish or organization, or community)


Pay 1st installment fee for Quarter 1 (nine weeks) 

$250 for one adult

$500 for married couple for Quarter I by Aug. 1, 2017


This low price for the school is possible only for this year. If you do not take your chance now, expect a significant rise in price for the next year.


Payment deadlines for next Quarters: 

Q II is Oct. 15, 2017

Q III is Jan. 1, 2018

Q IV is March 1, 2018

4. Confirmation

An E-mail with confirmation of finalizing your application will be sent to your account. You will receive a password for Student Assignment and Resources pages and an access to the Facebook group for daily support. 

Check the calendar tab for events happening prior to the school's opening on Sept. 8, 2017. 


Questions? Ask here: